Which way do you Face?

For a couple of days now a certain topic has been pressing on my heart and mind. I have tried to be happy. Every night in exhaustion, I pray to God and ask that I can be happy the next day. It seems like this simple request is never granted. I feel like many can relate to me in this way. Sometimes the simple longings of my heart seem to never come true, and my righteous desires seem forever away.

A couple of days ago, I reached a breaking point. I feel so many emotions throughout my day. These range from being mellow, sad, angry, furious, chill, the list can on and on, but on this day, I just felt like I couldn't deal with it anymore. I got in my car and just drove. I found myself on Washington Boulevard. I put my phone on shuffle, and an Efy song from 2014 came on through the speakers. If you know me, you know I am in love with music and everything about it. So was my lovey. Music is how I feel most close to the Creator. I listened to this song and through the darkness of the night, I saw a light off in the distance.

This light was radiating through the night and I was drawn to it. There were other lights around me from the passing cars and city light, but this light was from the temple of the Lord. I was planning on driving back to apartment in Logan, but I soon found myself turning into the parking lot of the Ogden temple. I parked my car there and cast my gaze upon it and I was able to feel something other than pain.

How could I be so drawn to a building? It is just a building right? No, it isn't just a building to me. In the bible, the ancient Israelites needed a sacred place to worship. They were instructed by God to construct a tabernacle to be able to bring their sacrifices and offerings to their Lord. Most of the Israelites were oppressed and afflicted and didn't know which way they should go, but many found themselves at the tabernacle's alter. The tabernacle was a sacred place where they were able to feel less bound to the enemies of the world, and more bound to their Creator. There, they received strength to overcome the immense challenges that were to come. Many had to make sacrifices to get to the tabernacle. Even though the Israelites lived thousands of years ago, I like to think of myself as a modern Israelite woman showing up at the tent of the tabernacle.

In our day, and through modern and continuous revelation through prophets, we have been instructed to build temples. Like the tabernacle in the Old Testament, temples still serve the same purposes. They are continuing to be built all over the world to be available for all of God's children. In the temple, we are able to become closer to God. We are able to feel more peace and evidence that the hand of the Lord is working in our lives. We are able to bring our sacrifices to the Lord in our hearts and become clean. We are able to be led in the way that God would want us to live.

The world is in commotion. My own country is divided that was once built on liberty and freedom. Everywhere I look I see propaganda from the news, social media, and friends about which way we should look and what to believe. In a world full of noise, I have been reminded that this is not the big picture. Like the temple, Jesus Christ stands as a light in the dark. Firm, pure, and white. It is a beacon for what holiness is. It is standing still.

I often find myself at the temple. I don't know why, but I drive to the Logan temple all the time. The temples are currently closed right now, but I am anticipating their re-openings. I never took advantage of going to temple regularly, but I am hoping that I can feel the love that Caleb has for me when they open again. I know that temple is the house of the Lord. I know that His spirit and Caleb's spirit reside there. I think it is time to choose between listening more to the news or to the author of truth.

Which way do you face?


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