The Waters of Mormon

August 9th commemorates one of the most impactful days of my life. 5 years ago, I chose to leave on an LDS mission.

I am so grateful for this day. It shaped my life. I cannot imagine my life without having served a mission. After reflecting on the last five years, I have become extremely emotional and full of gratitude.

Texas is a sacred place for me. Even though the city is so hot, there’s trash everywhere, and it’s more humid than the Amazon rainforest (trust me I have been there), it is where my head is the clearest. When Caleb and I were dating, we spontaneously took trip to Houston for a couple of days. It was so out of the blue and we bought the tickets right when we had the idea. Caleb and I both shared a love for our missions. We even shared an area for a quick second.

There’s a passage in the Book of Mormon where a large group of people who wanted to know about God, and wanted to become better, came to see a prophet speak. These people were converted and baptized in a large body of water, which was called the Waters of Mormon. It was there that they found God and found peace, and were converted to their Redeemer.

Houston is my Waters of Mormon. I was able to go back for a couple of days last month and see a couple of people that helped me gain a testimony, helped me fall in love with the words of Christ, and gain a greater appreciation for them, and and who taught me Christlike love.

I also had a feeling and intuition to go and see a couple that Caleb taught and baptized when he was there. I was kind of apprehensive about visiting them because I am not fluent in Spanish! I asked Carson to teach me a couple of phrases and he did, but I totally forgot them all. I knew this was important though for me to see them and convey that Caleb loved them.

The night before, I panicked. I had a thought to text the missionaries that were in the area a week before but of course, I suppressed that. But, I texted the missionaries at 10:00 the night before and they answered, agreed, and were more than willing to come with me to see the couple.

When we arrived, this couple greeted me with open arms, told me it didn’t matter that I didn’t know Spanish, and that they remember us visiting them 3 years prior. With the missionaries help, I was able to tell them how much Caleb loved them, and that he cherished them. Many tears were shed, and hugs exchanged.

This was one of my best days, following grief. The husband played his guitar for us, and I heard a thought in my head say, “these experiences, are what are most important.” And I can vouch by that. This is an experience I will never forget.

I think that these days, people are scared to share what they truly believe in. I would know, because I am one of them at times. In my personal opinion, it is difficult to share something meaningful to you without having someone oppose or disagree with you. This is not bad, everyone has their own opinion, but I think it is more important to listen to listen instead of listening to respond. I believe that we need more empathy when learning about someone and being compassionate as to why they believe in something. That being said, I would like to share some of my testimony, and what I believe.

I know that there this a being that looks over all of the people on this earth. I believe that all people are not just merely cells or shells who are out here simply existing. I believe that every person has a soul, that we existed before this life, and that somehow, life continues on. I believe in Supreme Creators that know me personally, and know my heart.

I believe that the sole purpose of life is to screw up, make mistakes, learn, and become better people. I believe that we have been given the ability to choose what is best for us, and we can govern ourselves accordingly.

I believe in Jesus Christ. I believe that Jesus Christ did live and that he died for all, that he rose for all. I believe in a resurrection of body and soul. Which is so important to me.

I believe that one day, Jesus will come to earth again and that someday he will heal all heartaches, sicknesses, and hate.

My faith, testimony, and conversion is not based on any institution alone. Church is a place of worship, a house of prayer and fasting, and learning. I go to church for those reasons.

I have so many other things I could share, but I think this is sufficient for now. I hope that you can think of what your Waters of Mormon are and visit them frequently, because it is the best.


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