I’m a Belieber

I recently went to see Justin Bieber in concert for the first time. I’ve had the privilege to attend many concerts throughout my life, but this one was so different. If you are close to me, you will probably know how important the sabbath day is to me. I’ve just always been drawn to dedicate a day to worshipping Christ, my God, my Savior, on a certain day of the week.

So Justin’s concert landed on a Sunday. I prayed that I would still feel of God’s light there and influence. Kind of funny I know, but I just wanted to be able to keep this day dedicated to God.

I was so impressed by Justin, I just have to share my thoughts. Justin paused and took the time from singing to address all of the people in attendance. He shared his conviction of Christ and testimony of Him. He said that he was inspired to say that the message that Jesus brings covers everyone in the audience. He also addressed the non-believers and testified that the gospel message covers them as well. It was so touching to see a pop star, who is heavily within the world, praise God for his life and for bringing purpose to it.

Caleb and I shared the same love for Justin. Caleb looked up to him as a role model because of his faith and persistence.

Now I want to talk about faith. A topic that I have been thinking about for quite some time. I remember when I was a little girl learning about faith. How it is a belief in something you cannot see, something you hope for, and that will come true. I remember being taught that faith is like a little seed, if you plant it and nourish it, it will grow. This principle is engrained in me and always will be.

Many people have asked me over time, what has made my belief in God so strong and unwavering?

I remember hearing this quote from someone in church:

There are two kinds of faith

Faith to make things happen

And faith to ACCEPT things that happen

I found that for my whole life before I was effected by trauma, I was leaning on surface level faith. My life was unbelievably good. I relied on the Lord when I needed something and knew that he would hear me and listen to me. I never had a reason to doubt and always had the faith that God would reach for me as long as I reached for him. This is the type of faith and assurance that things will happen in your life.

Now, there’s a different level of faith. A level of faith that is tested. This type of faith requires intimacy between the Lord and yourself. It requires getting on your knees, asking, pondering, pleading, and waiting on the Lord for an answer, and sometimes the answer will take many months, years, or will never come.

I have seen tragedy, I have seen tragedy in the lives of others. What I think is amazing though, is that many choose to build this type 2 kind of faith. The faith to accept things that happen and that are out of our control. Even though the situation may seem dark, this type of faith and hope binds you to God. It is a faith that someday, all will be right and just.

I am in no way perfect in my faith. Having faith is incredibly difficult. Sometimes our situations make us feel angry at God, the world, and everything. Sometimes we question if God is even real. That’s okay. We are human, we fall, we stumble, but wouldn’t it be amazing to have something to hold onto?

I am so grateful for inspiration, healing, and direction and most importantly grateful for the principle of faith.

Love, Marissa

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